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The Good Deed Grocery

We are happy to help!

The Good Deed Grocery is a FREE Grocery and General Store for students of International Preparatory High School in Buffalo, NY. To be eligible to shop, students complete a short registration form and can shop 1x a week for FREE!

We receive our food items from FeedMoreWNY and community partners. We fundraise to purchase personal hygiene items and to provide other daily essentials students may need.

The Good Deed Grocery is a FREE Grocery Store for students that is housed in the International Preparatory High School, PS 198 in Buffalo, NY.

The mission of the Good Deed Grocery is to help fill student need outside of school so students are able to have a Good Day each and every day!

This program is part of the Buffalo Public Schools Career and Technical Education program at I-Prep. The grocery store is student-run and student-staffed, all for the benefit of our students! Students helping students through Good Deeds is the premise and promise behind our organization!

The Good Deed Grocery is proud to have partnered with FeedMoreWNY and Rich Products to help bring FREE food and support to students of International Preparatory High School!

Read About The Good Deed Grocery and other amazing Buffalo Public Schools Career and Technical Education Programs Here: https://sway.office.com/CGJLKduEPQrSpzTU?ref=Link

Our first distribution event was of Personal Care Packages in November of 2021. We helped over 40 students by providing soap, shampoo, deodorant, body wash, feminine products, toothbrush, toothpaste and more!

Students in Mrs. Kent's 8th period Business & Computer Applications course are the key workers in the Good Deed Grocery. They have also started the Good Eats Cafe that offers Good Eats to student and staff!

Our grand opening took place in March of 2022. We are open daily for students to shop for FREE in room 26 at I-Prep. Students need to register one time per year to shop. See Mrs. Kent for more information on how to sign up!

In November of 2021, The Good Deed Grocery assisted NFL Player and school alumni Steven Means to distribute FREE Thanksgiving turkeys to the students of International Preparatory High School.

Christmas Socks: A true story of impact

Early during 1st period, the classroom phone rang. "Mrs. Kent, do you have any socks in the Good Deed Grocery? A student forgot to put them on this morning."

I responded "Sure, let me run down. Have him meet me in room 26."

I appointed a homeroom leader, ran out the door, down the four flights of stairs to the basement. The student was waiting by the door. I ran to our Grocery Store Room and began to sort through bags.

I said "I know I have some in here, I'm not sure what they are, but we will have some for you."

He stated "Thanks, Miss. I was washing the dishes and the bus came and I ran out of the house without them."

At the bottom of a bag I found a pair of women's Christmas socks. I showed them to him and apologetically said "This is all we have, I'm sorry."

He stretched out his arm, and I looked up at his 6 ft 4 frame. He said "Miss, this is better than nothing. Thank you so much."

I ran back up to room 322, tears in my eyes and knew what we were doing with the Good Deed Grocery would change our school for the better.

How the Good Deed Grocery @ I-Prep Came to Be

This program grew from a wide array of experiences and a great love for our students and community.

We would like to give credit where credit is due. This idea sparked by after a program featured on Good Morning America during the stay-home order. See the story here: www.goodmorningamerica.com/food/story/high-school-run-grocery-store-food-insecure-students-74584272

The Business & Computer Applications teacher, Mrs. Rachel Kent happened to see the segment and fell in love with the idea. This came to life this school year as Ms. Kent mentioned her dream to open a free grocery store for students to Natalie Houck, an administrator-in-training at I-Prep. Soon, our team of leaders grew with the addition of Social Worker Ms. Taddio, who shared her past experiences working with a local food bank inside of schools and Ms. Ozay who has a passion for helping others. Together, we have worked with our administrators and the generous staff of International Preparatory High School in Buffalo, NY to garner partnerships to fill student needs.

As we grow, we can't wait to help each student have the best school day possible, each and every day!

{Note: There are no qualifiers to participate in our program. Every student can shop for FREE!}