Good Deed Grocery

@I-Prep; PS198

Welcome to the Good Deed Grocery! We are a FREE Grocery Store & student support center housed inside of the International Preparatory High School, PS 198 in Buffalo, NY.

Our mission is to help fill student needs outside of school, so that they are able to have a Good Day each and every day! Our project started in September of 2021 and continues to grow through community outreach, staff support and identification of student needs.

This year we are focusing our efforts to help students in three specific areas: Warmth, Care and Hunger.

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The Good Deed Grocery on WIVB!

On Christmas Day our Teacher Leader had the opportunity to talk proud about our program on WIVB. See the link to the full story here:

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Good Deed Grocery Events!

The Good Deed Grocery is Growing!

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I-Prep Hallway Boutique

OMG, the clothes are HERE!

The Good Deed Grocery is proud to announce the opening of the I-Prep Hallway Boutique in the stairwell outside of room 26.

Students are welcome to shop the boutique for FREE anytime, any day of the week!

Clothing donations are needed, if you have items to donate click the button below!

The Good Deed Grocery is a School Based Support Center for students, run by students. Career and Technical Education students have the opportunity to work in the Good Deed Grocery to earn Work Based Learning hours. We also offer community service hours to students who have "late arrival" or "early release"!

The Good Deed Grocery is currently accepting donations of non-perishable food! We are very appreciative of the following items: pasta, dried beans, rice, soup mixes, canned protein and any other shelf-stable products. Our students do take their groceries home on the bus, so the lighter the item is to carry, the better!

Participation in the Good Deed Grocery is anonymous. Students can shop 1 time per week in-store or online for FREE.

We work hard to keep the Good Deed Grocery a private and positive place to get support! We are accepting unopened personal care products for our grocery!

The Good Deed Grocery is stocked, staffed and started by students! A part of the Career & Technical Education program at I-Prep, students learn how to run a business, use social media to advertise, manage others, purchase products--and learn how important it is to give back to their community!

Check out the Good Deed Grocery's Latest!

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The Good Eats Cafe

The Good Eats Cafe is a student-run pop-up restaurant that serves students and staff Good Eats! Our first fundraiser was a sale of Drizzly Chocolate & Strawberry Cheesecake. It was a big hit! Our second fundraiser of Chocolate Chunk Cookies sold over 200 cookies in day! We will be back in January with the addition of Hot Chocolate, more flavors of cookies and muffins! All freshly baked by the Good Eats Cafe Crew! We are looking for mentors to help us up our baking game. If you can help, contact the GDG!

Good Deed Sports Services

If you are on an International Preparatory Sports Team and your team uniform needs help, contact the GDG! We are offering uniform tailoring and repairs FREE OF CHARGE! If you need help with other items to participate in your sport, contact us and we will help!

About Us

The Good Deeds Grocery is a FREE grocery store for students housed inside of the International Preparatory High School, PS 198 in Buffalo, NY. There are no qualifiers to shop at our store, any student can access any item in stock, for free.

Students must complete a registration form for FeedMoreWNY School-Based Food Pantry to be eligible to shop the Good Deed Grocery's food selections. All students can access foods donated from other sources and personal care products.

"Points" students earn towards shopping are calculated based on FeedMoreWNY's requirements for school-based Food Pantries; and are based on family size.

This program is part of the Buffalo Public Schools Career and Technical Education program at I-Prep. The grocery store is student-run and student-staffed, all for the benefit of our students!